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With this tool it is possible to:

  1.  Scan the network (the network you are connected to your PC) for the presence of Priva Blue ID controllers C-line or S-line.
    2.  Scan for Touch Points.
    3.  Collect all necessary syslog information.
    4.  A total overview of the NTP (Network Time Protocol) properties per controller.
    5.  A overview of all connected IO modules of the C-line or S-line controller.
    6.  A complete overview of the whole line-up in exported into an Microsoft Excel format.


 BlueID Syslog Tool

BlueID Scanner


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RDN 16-01-2022:
1. Added extra onboard IO check for the C4 controller.
2. Couple of user interface changes.
3. Little fixes and improvements.

RDN 12-01-2021:
1. A new feature has been added to the syslog tab. It is now possible to make reading the syslog easier by marking (highlight) frequently used syslog terms.
2. It is now also possible to install REDQube plug-ins when running the application as administrator.
-. Installing a plug-in enables the option to select older TouchPoint software (Room operation issue).
-. Installing a plug-in enables the option of reading an external syslog.
-. Installing a plug-in enables the option “Colour my projects or IP Address” in controller overview tab.
3. Bug in new TCMetaData tab is solved in this version.
4. If Outlook 2014 or higher is installed on the PC, the email formatting was not correct. In this version this problem is solved.
5. User interface changes and improvements.

RDN 31-12-2021:
1. When controllers need to be found across segments, the IP range message will no longer appear.
2. Couple of user interface changes.
3. Update of framework version.

RDN 10-01-2020:
1. In Tabpage “Email LogFiles” is it possible to add case number with 16 characters.

RDN 12-08-2019:
1. XML Data user interface improved.
2. Small bugfixes.

RDN 17-06-2019:
1. If you want to read the project password, an access code must be entered.
2. When XML data is available in the controller, it will also be visible in a new tab.

RDN 08-03-2019:
1. If the selected log files are sent via email, it is now possible to enter a Priva CRM number as an email subject.

RDN 28-11-2018:
1. Non-commissioned controllers were no longer visible in the controller overview. This issue has been resolved.
2. Problem with IP Address ranges check is solved.
3. Couple of User interface changes.

RDN 03-10-2018:
1. By popular request, a refresh button for the IOC syslog has been created.
2. When BBMD is enabled in the controller, this can now be enabled by a checkbox, this BBMD enabled option is visible in the controller overview.
3. Core dump checkbox option is available in this version.
4. Small bugfixes are solved.

RDN 08-08-2018:
1. In controller overview possibility for adding MAC address per controller.
2. All critical error counters in the MSTP overview are now monitored. When an error counter is too high, it is indicated by a red colour.
3. From this version the MSTP overview can be exported to an Excel file.
4. Controller without a APIPA address was not handled properly, in this version is this problem solved.
5. Link Local Address is changed to APIPA Address.
6. Admin license code can be remotely added.
7. Remote serial number check.

RDN 29-06-2018:
1. Priva BlueID Controllers overview is changed. Explanation colours are descripted in the documentation with possible solutions.
2. TouchPoint tabs are changed.
3. Controller HW type is now visible in the controller overview.
4. Admin license code is changed.
5. User interface changes.
6. Small bugfixes are solved.

RDN 18-05-2018:
1.   Priva BlueID Controllers overview is changed. New feature in this overview; when you don’t have access to a controller, IP of the controller is not in range with your computer and NTP synchronisation is uncertain.
2.   Controller search progress is now visible on top and bottom of the application.
3.   Project password show option.
4.   When SD-card is added in the controller it is possible to save all logfiles to SD-card.
5.   Smoother controller search with NTP properties on the network.
6.   Mechanism of get a syslog of the TouchPoint was not correct. In this version is this problem solved.
7.   User interface changes.

RDN 10-05-2018:
1.   Field-test version, not official released.

RDN 22-04-2018:
1.    Excel column header was not correct by export overview all controllers.
2.    Tooltip of new functions of v1.5.0.0 was not correct.
3.    Battery present state check implemented.
4.    Small bug fixes.

RDN 15-04-2018:
1.    With this version it is possible to make a syslog bulk dump of all selected controllers.
2.    For NTP data from the controller you do not have to click on the relevant controller anymore. NTP data are immediately presented during the search on the network.
3.    New option has been added for searching for commissioned controller.
4.    When you select the option “Trough segments” it wasn’t possible to get the syslog of the controllers. In this version is this issue solved.
5.    User interface changes.

RDN 05-04-2018:
1.    Board temperature state check implemented.
2.    Power supply check of C4 controller improved.

RDN 20-02-2018:
1.   It is now possible to display the maximum TCEngineer I/O module configuration. In the previous version it was blocked on a maximum of 42 I/O modules.
2.   In this version it is possible to copy the controller serial number to TCEngineer (selected controller and use option Ctrl+C). It is also possible to use the right mouse button on the controller for copy the serial number.
3.   Total new design of TCManger Log and add a new tab page “Commissioning Log”.
4.   Improvements and new features of the Email or Save tab page.
5.   Small bug fixed.

RDN 01-02-2018:
1.   Energy Saving mode is added in the overview of the controller.
2.   In this version it is possible to open a Syslog.log in Notepad++ (when installed) or Notepad (Tab “Email and Save “).
3.   Small user interface changes.

RDN 29-12-2017:

1.   In this version it is possible to open a TCManager.log or a TCEngineer.log in Notepad++ (when installed) or Notepad (Tab “Email and Save“).

RDN 20-12-2017:
1.   Change log files saving and email options. In this version it is easier to select log files.
2.   Now it is possible to open and read a TCManager log.

RDN 12-09-2017:
1.   Improved Controller Syslog search for text function.
2.   Communication through segments give more controller information in the main window.
3.   Change of Email and Save functionally.
4.   Added new tab “TouchPoint Overview”. With this option you can see a version of the selected TouchPoint.
5.   A couple of User Interface changes.

RDN 20-07-2017:
1.    With this version, it is possible too add manual a TouchPoint IP Address and save the TouchPoint Syslog file in a HTML format.
2.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 25-06-2017:
1.    Uptime and total uptime controller and IO modules changed.
2.    Bug fix in external syslog.

RDN 05-04-2017:
1.    Minor bugfixes solved.
2.    Add an admin license.
3.    Option added for manual export in window “Communication through segments”.

RDN 11-01-2017:
1.    Minor bugfix with communicate through segments.

RDN 14-12-2016:
1.    It is now possible to use this tool when you have controller communication through segments by selecting a project folder.
2.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 27-10-2016:
1.    Add an overview of uptime after power cycle and the uptime total of the controller and the IO modules.
2.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 30-08-2016:
1.    New option: Export all IO Modules to an Excel sheet.
2.    Hostname, IP address and WAN IP address of your own PC is ow visible on the bottom of this application.
3.    IO module firmware version was without the minor number. In this version is the firmware version with the minor number.
4.    Couple of user interface changes.
5.    Couple of minor bug fixes.

RDN 06-07-2016:
1.    User improvements when controller is not commissioned.
2.    Minor user interface changes.
3.    Couple of minor bug fixes.

RDN 22-05-2016:
1.    Minor bug fixes.
2.    Couple of user interface changes.

RDN 12-05-2016:
1.    When project name or password where not correct an exception shows up. In this version is this problem solved.

RDN 11-05-2016:
1.    Completed the implementation of the Priva Blue ID C-Line.
2.    Total new IO module line-up of the controller.
3.    Improvement of the save syslog option.
4.    Changed the background colour of the syslog tab to improve reading.
5.    Implemented a search option in the syslog tab

RDN 18-11-2015:
1.    Implemented the Priva Blue ID C-Line.

RDN 11-09-2015:
1.    In Email tab is a new button “Save” added. When you don’t have the possibility to email the Syslog files you can select and save it to your hard drive.

RDN 13-08-2015:
1.    When an email address was entered in the email settings window the tab email settings was not refreshed. Issue is solved in this version.
2.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 23-06-2015:
1.    Selection of TM module in tab “I/O modules” was not correct. Problem is solved in this version.
2.    Detect and show all expected I/O modules on the S10 controller.
3.    The NTP properties is now also displayed in the controller overview. This total controller overview can be exported to Excel with a new Excel export button on top.
4.    When this application is installed on a SX100 the info message box didn’t show (Windows 7 Embedded Issue) when click with the right mouse button on a controller. In this version is this problem solved.
5.    Disable the Excel button on top when Microsoft Excel isn’t installed.
6.    Couple of user interface changes.

RDN 12-06-2015:
1.    Add an I/O module tab. With this tab it is possible to select an I/O module number and get an overview of the selected I/O module with the option to export all the data to an Excel format.

RDN 02-06-2015:
1.    Redesigned User Interface.
2.    Export all selected controller data to an Excel document.
3.    More status information available of the Priva Blue ID controller.

RDN 17-04-2015:
1.    The Blue ID Syslog Tool crashed when a virus scanner blocked the UDP port 5353. In this version is this problem solved.

RDN 19-01-2015:
1.    Change the screen resolution to a 1280 x 1024 format.
2.    Deleted the syslog format options.
3.    Deleted the folder selector for the syslog files.

RDN 08-01-2015:
1.    When you use the refresh button, there is also a reset of the values from the previous controller in “Controller Overview”.
2.    Minor text changes.

RDN 17-12-2014:
1.    Update mechanism changed.
2.    Tuned the resolution of the application.

RDN 16-12-2014:
1.    Changed the application requirements to Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0. This application is also running on a Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 computer.
2.    The Zip method for email is changed (Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 related).

RDN 15-12-2014:
1.    Project password is hidden now.
2.    When a CC email is not necessary the subject came in the CC field of the email. Issue is solved in this version.

RDN 08-12-2014:
1.    Official release version for field tests.


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