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With this tool it is possible to:


  1. Send a email from the WebEngine 2.0 when there is a failure.



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RDN 08-08-2014:
1.    New: TCEnergy Commissioning errors are added in the email and a total overview of TCEnergy like the WebEngine 2.0 Tool.
2.    Latest version check mechanism changed.
3.    Encryption for settings file.

RDN 15-02-2013:
Version – Released
1.    New: Monitoring of the hard disk (flash card) is implemented. In this version it is possible to set a minimum of free hard disk space.
2.    Bug fix: WAN IP Address detection didn’t work, in this version is this problem solved.

RDN 16-12-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Germany (Henry Dabow): Possibility to switch off monitoring for the DataPoint Service and the DataCollector Service in Tab “General Settings”.

RDN 23-09-2012:
Version – Released
2.    Redesign of the user interface.
3.    Project description is now available in de email.
4.    Application version number check added in the Status Tool strip (below) based on an Internet connection.
5.    Application version number is also send with the email. When there is a new version of the SendingEmail tool available the email will inform you.

RDN 02-04-2012:
Version – Released
1.    The check of WAN IP Address was only by restart of the WebEngine. In this version is it a 12 hour check.

RDN 21-03-2012:
Version – Released
2.    Germany (Henry Dabow): By restart of the WebEngine send an email with the External (WAN) IP address of the ADSL Router.
3.    In every email is the WAN IP Address of the ADSL Router is included.

RDN 26-02-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Germany (Henry Dabow): By restart of the WebEngine send an email with the IP address of the WebEngine.
2.    In every email is the IP Addresses of the WebEngine is included.
3.    Reminder Email added. When a Service was stopped only one Email was send with a delay of 15 minutes. In this version there is a 24Hour Reminder Email.  
4.    Email Body changed into another format.  
5.    Possibility to send a free text message.

RDN 06-02-2012:
1.    Released.



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