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With this tool it is possible to:

This application gives you a perfect overvies of the status of your WebEngine 2.0. Everything in this application is very easy to turn on and off again. Even installing the latest version Top Control 6.x.x.x is much easier and reduces errors during installation. Easily install the latest version project software with a simple button to prepare a project update.


Before installing this application on a WebEngine 2.0, read the manual carefully.


WebEngine 2 Overview tab

WebEngine 2 Tools tab


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RDN 14-07-2014:
Version – Released
1.    Re-design of the tab “Overview”.
2.    When the TCEnergy setup wasn’t installed the “End of project update” didn’t work correctly. In this version is the problem solved.
3.    In tab “Tools” is a new button added for start and close TC Select. When you click on the button “Open TC Select” all services stop and TC Select starts up. When you click on the button “Close TC Select”  TC Select will be closed and all services starts.
4.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 01-05-2014:
Version – Released
1.    When there is no project database available in the project folder all services and Top Control applications will stop when you start the WebEngine Tool.
2.    Improvement of the project update mechanism.
3.    Improved time calculation in Tab “DataCollector Status”.
4.    Hide the Tabs “DataCollector Status” and “TCEnergy Commissioning”  automatically when the Datacollector Service is stopped manual (when the project is not a TCEnergy project).
5.    Minor RDP improvement.
6.    Energy Data points will be present in the tab “Energy Data Points” when available.
7.    Minor TCEnergy Commissioning improvements (with improvement when there is only a 24Hr interval).
8.    All button (in the WebEngine Tool) actions are written directly into the Status Logbook file (for analysing).
9.    In tab documentation is a Release Notes (of the WebEngine tool) button added.
10.    Minor changes and bug fixes.

RDN 28-01-2014:
Version – Released (updated to a new developers version + Infinity)
1.    A button for closing the Remote desktop session is added. When there is a monitor attached to the WebEngine and must be activated after a remote desktop session again this was not possible. You need a mouse and keyboard to log in again to activate the monitor, with this new button the monitor is active immediately after closing the Remote Desktop session (read in the Tab “Documentation” Remote Desktop documentation).
2.    In the Tab “Documentation” are two new button added. First button is Remote Desktop (see point 1) and the second button is Auto Logon. This documentation descript the solution when the Auto Logon of the WebEngine doesn’t work.
3.    With this version it is not possible to start this application for the second time.

RDN 02-12-2013:
Version – Released
1.    When there is no Internet connection the TCEnergy Commissioning check give an exception. This Issue is solved in this version.
2.    When using the button “End Project Update” the Data Collection Service started up even when it was disabled. This Issue is solved in this version.
3.    User interface of the “TCEnergy Data Points” tab is changed. When you mouse over the Data point name there is a tooltip showing in which control module the TCEnergy Data point is configured.
4.    In Tab “Tools” is a new button added “ATP SMART Tool”.
ATP SMART Life Monitor (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) application monitors various parameters of ATP Industrial Grade CF's endurance and reliability—Remaining Life, Raw Read Error Rate, Erase Count and more—reminding you if any of them is out of the normal range.

RDN 27-09-2013:
Version – Released
1.    Implemented the TCEnergy DataCollector Status Tool (new Tab “DataCollector Status”).
2.    Implemented the TCEnergy Commissioning status. This option gives you an overview about the status of the WebEngine commissioning and the Configurator commissioning (Plug-In TCSelect). (new tab “TCEnergy Commissioning”).
3.    Check when the project must be converted for TC WebVision. A warning is showing in the tab “Overview”.
4.    When there is more than one project installed on the WebEngine an exclamation mark is visible in the tab “Overview”.
5.    Image number of the flash card is now visible in tab “Overview”.
6.    When a new version from the WebEngine tool available is a download button is showing. Click the button and the WebEngine Tool closes and a download and install procedure starts.
7.    New design of the Splash Screen and About Box.
8.    Improvement of prepare and end off update check.
9.    Minor user interface changes.
10.    Minor bug fixes.

RDN 15-01-2013:
Version – Released
1.    WAN IP Address was not available anymore in tab overview. With this version is the problem solved.

RDN 01-12-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Only for WebEngine 2.0 with a French Windows 7 Operating System. In this version is the problem with reading Top Control versions solved.

RDN 15-11-2012:
Version – Released
1.    For pushing Data Points TCEnergy there is an option (with a new button on top) for adding a Proxy Server in the overview tab.
2.    With this version you can adjust the interval time of the internet check with a new button on top. In a Secured Network it is not allowed to check the Internet availability every 5 seconds. Now is the default interval 20 seconds and you can change it in: 0 = No Internet Availability Check only once during start up application, 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec, 300 sec, 600 sec, 1800 seconds and 3600 seconds.  
3.    Prepare for Update and End Update Process improved.
4.    Every hour when Write Protection is Off a Tray Icon Balloon is showing a warning.
5.    When Prepare for Update or End Update process is running a Tray Icon Balloon is showing information.
6.    With the button with the question mark on top you can open the WebEngine 2.0 Tool manual.
7.    Check maximum capacity of Flash Card.
8.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 23-10-2012:
Version – Released
1.    With this version is the password for SQL option changed to SQLdatabase.
2.    User interface of Restore, Back Up and delete SQL is changed (one button action).
3.    Application start with this version as an administrator. You don’t have to change the shortcut anymore.
4.    In this version there is also a TC Energy Setup version check (in tab Overview and Tools).
5.    When prepare for Top Control is activated the button prepare for project update is disabled. In the previous version it was enabled. Was a little bit confusing.
6.    Total number of TC Energy data points is now displayed in the Energy Data Points tab.
7.    Minor user interface changes.

RDN 10-09-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Application version number check added in the Status Tool strip (below) based on an Internet connection. With a delay of one minute the application compare the current application version and the current version available on the internet.
2.    Text changed Project Name instead of Project Name in the Tool strip on top.
3.    Communication method WebEngine text removed in overview tab a tooltip is added instead.
4.    Communication method in Outputbox wasn’t correct. Solved in this version.
5.    Login screen for Admin rights shows time remaining before closing login screen.
6.    Changing calculation of free disk space. In this version it shows GB instead of Kbytes.
7.    When the application wasn’t installed as an Administrator there was an error message showing. The text is improved with "Install this application as Administrator and Run this application as Administrator."

RDN 20-08-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Check the number of projects in directory C:\Priva Projects\TC Projects. When the number of projects is more than one, a number (in red) is showing in the Overview tab under the WebEngine picture. When you click on the WebEngine 2.0 picture you will have an overview of installed projects. With this screen it is possible to delete projects or file when necessary.
2.    Reading of TCEnergy Data point went wrong after a couple of minutes. Problem is solved in this version.
3.    Using another method of pinging to the Compri HX. In some situations the old method of pinging went wrong. In this version is pinging method to the Compri HX changed.

RDN 11-08-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Added a Compri HX check based on IP Address. This option is visible in overview tab.
2.    Show IP Address or another communication method of the Compri HX which is connected with the WebEngine in the overview tab.
3.    Project name and project description added on top of the application.
4.    With changing the overview of the Top Control versions the TC LanManager and TC History didn’t start up after using de end of project update button. In this version is this problem solved.

RDN 08-08-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Overview of the Top Control versions is improved.
2.    Couple of changes in the user interface.

RDN 10-07-2012:
Version – Released
1.    In a few cases, the directory reference is not correct. An unexpected error appeared. In this version the problem is solved.

RDN 05-07-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Removed all Priva logos.
2.    Implement a Splash Screen.
3.    Removed the “About” tab and renewed the “About” box.
4.    SQL options under Password protected button.
5.    This Application will be installed in a new folder C:\Program Files\REDQube\
6.    When this application is active for more than two days it will close automatically. This option is added for saving WebEngine memory and processor performance.

RDN 02-04-2012:
Version – Released
1.    In Tab overview is the WAN IP Address visible.
2.    In the left upper corner is a button (key) added for showing an extra tab with the name “SQL DataBase”. With this new tab is it possible to Back-Up, Restore and delete the SQL History Database of the WebEngine 2.0. With the Save button (also in the upper left corner) you can Save settings of this SQL Database Tab.

RDN 08-03-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Write protection check was not correct. In this version is the write protection check improved.

RDN 29-02-2012:
Version - Released
1.    In Tab overview is the text write protection On or Off replaced by a lock and un-lock image.
2.    In Tab overview status added for TCLanManager and TCHistory.
3.    In the left upper corner is a button added for showing an extra tab with the name “Status LogBook”. This new tab show an overview of all save actions and status of the WebEngine. With a button below you can refresh the overview.
4.    Changed memory use.

RDN 19-02-2012:
Version – Released
1.    Write total overview of the status to StatusLogBook.rtf
2.    Added the date and time in outbox overview when a service start or stop. When a service stop the text colour is red.
3.    New option Project update option added. With this option all necessary applications and services will stop to prevent damaging SQL data.
4.    New box added what will show the last interaction.

RDN 02-01-2012:
Version – Released
1.    In tab overview is now the project name showing.
2.    An extra tab is added with the name Data Points. In this tab is a complete overview visible with data points with an energy remark for TC Energy.

RDN 17-11-2011:
Version – Released
1.    When you click the button "Prepare for Update" the UAC is also disabled (for installing a hotfix or update). With the "End of Update" button the UAC is enabled.
2.    When click the button "Prepare for Update" or "End of Update" a message is showing with the text "The WebEngine 2.0 reboot within a couple of seconds".

RDN 09-11-2011:
Version – Released
1.    Message text change; when you use the "Write Protect On" or "Write Protect Off" button. In the message text was WebEngine 1.0 showing instead of WebEngine 2.0.
2.    Added a Ping button in documentation tab for information about Pinging the WebEngine 2.0.
3.    Added a Cable button in documentation tab for information about two Serial Cables for the WebEngine 2.0.
4.    Deleted the shutdown button, the WebEngine 2.0 can't shut down, it can only restart.

RDN 27-10-2011:
1.    Released for WebEngine 2.0.



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